magixstrata Owners Online Portal

Owners Online Portal

Why Strata Living is made so much simpler for you with our Owners Online Portal.
As an owner you can access Personal Owner information including levy account history, Meeting Notices & Minutes, memos & newsletters, By-Laws, Policies, House Rules, Insurance Certificates of Currency, Pest Control Reports. A Council member can also access Financial & Status Reports, Council Meeting Notices & Minutes, Workorders sent & Invoices ready to be paid.

Online Owners Portal explained on YouTube

Watch how easy it is to operate our Owners Online Portal

Council Online Invoice Approval Hub

Now all the information needed is at the fingertips of committee members and building managers, online and in a very easy-to-understand, organised fashion.
Streamlined approval of invoices, easy-to-track invoice approval history, view scanned invoices requiring action by you with a single click, see invoices that have been fully authorised.